Route 66 Rescue Inc

We all know that shelter life can be hard on animals. That’s why Route 66 Rescue needs your help in finding Stormy a foster home until she finds her forever home. If you’re able to open your heart and home to an animal in need, please contact Route 66 Rescue at for more information. Let’s learn more about Stormy and why fostering is so important.

 Who Is Stormy?

Stormy is a sweet three-year-old German Shepherd mix who was found as a stray and brought to the shelter. Despite being without a home for some time, Stormy loves people and other animals! She loves going on walks and playing with her furry friends. Stormy is the perfect companion—all she needs now is someone to give her love and attention while she waits for her forever family to find her!

The Benefits of Fostering an Animal

Fostering an animal has many benefits, both for the foster family as well as the animal itself! Fostering helps reduce overcrowding in shelters while giving animals like Stormy a chance to experience living in a real home environment. Additionally, fostering can help socialize animals by exposing them to different environments, people, and even other animals; this makes them more adoptable when it’s time for them to find their forever homes. Finally, fostering can also be incredibly rewarding for the foster family; after all, there’s nothing quite like seeing an animal grow from scared and shy into a happy and confident pet!


It’s time for us all to rally together and help Route 66 Rescue find Stormy a foster family until she finds her forever home! By opening your heart and home to an animal in need—even just temporarily—you can make a huge difference in their lives. For more information on how you can help, please contact Route 66 Rescue at today! Let’s show our support by helping this deserving pup get one step closer to finding her true forever family!